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Eric has conducted over 200 radio interviews in nearly every state that have been syndicated to all 50 states and internationally. The discussions range across the entire political, spiritual, social and economic spectrum that was Jefferson’s world, with many topics still extremely relevant today. Selections from those interviews are presented below.

An index to the entire list can be found under the RADIO INTERVIEW INDEX at the bottom of the page, in alphabetical order.

Eric has been asked numerous interesting questions over the years and given talks on various aspects of Thomas Jefferson’s visionary life. Responses to some of those questions and excerpts from lectures can be heard in Podcast Presentations.

   Podcast Presentations   

Podcast: What we know as the “Jefferson Bible” is comprised of Thomas Jefferson’s selections from the four gospels and pasted into a book for his own personal use. Eric discusses this volume along with Jefferson’s faith, religious freedom and what Jefferson meant by the famous phrase, “a wall of separation between church and state”. (38:28)

   Radio Interview Selections   

New Hampshire Public Radio:
Interview with Laura Knoy on “The Exchange”

Wisconsin Public Radio Ideas Network:
Interview with Kathleen Dunn on “Conversations with Kathleen”

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars:
Interview with George Seay on Dialogue Radio

Interview with Jim Cotter on “Creatively Speaking”


ABC Radio (national) New York, NY: Interview with John Batchelor on “The John Batchelor Show.”

“The American Activist,” Spirit Lake, ID: Interview with Don Harkin (nationally syndicated show).

Blogtalk Radio Network (national): Interview with Brad Richard on “Alivewiredu.”

Bloomberg Network (WBBR AM 1130 in New York): “Bloomberg on the Weekend” Interview with Joe Franklin. (national and international).

CNN Radio (national): Interview with Pat St. Claire on “Leatherbound”

“Cultural Energy” El Prado, NM: Interview with Dory Holberg (a nationally syndicated show with listeners in 480 cities, worldwide).

Dade City Community Radio, Dade City, FL: Interview with Keith Hansen on “From the Grassy Knoll.” (syndicated nationally).

“Dialogue Radio”, Washington, D.C.: Interview with George Seay of the Woodrow Wilson International Center.

“Erskine Overnight.” Interview with Erskine (syndicated nationally to thirty-plus stations and on the internet).

“Eye on the Future Radio”: Interview with Hehpseboah (syndicated in the U.S. and Canada).

“For the People.” Interview with Chuck Harder (syndicated nationally on four satellite channels, Talk Star Radio Network and PNI).

“Free American Radio,” Phoenix, AZ: Interview with Clayton Douglas (nationally syndicated show on three networks).

“Freedom Call”: Interview with Colonel Bo Gritz (nationally syndicated show).

GCN Genesis Communications Network (national): Interview with Dr. Katherine Albrecht on “The Dr. Katherine Albrecht Show”.

Head On Radio Network: Interview with Bob Kincaid on “Head On.”

Head On Radio Network: Interview with Guy James on “The Guy James Show.”

Intel Radio Network (national): Interview with Rick Senninger on “Outside the Wire.”

“Interfaith Voices.” Interview with Maureen Fiedler (Syndicated in the U.S. and Canada).

“Joe Mazza.” Interview with Joe Mazza (syndicated nationally on the Genesis Communications Network, Talk America Radio Network, satellite radio and 12 local stations-3 appearances).

“Katherine Albrecht Show” (national): Interview with Dr. Katherine Albrecht (3).

KAHI, Auburn, CA: Interview with Dave Rosenthal.

KALW, San Francisco, CA: Interview with Roman Mars on “Invisible Ink”

KAMU 90.9 FM, College Station, TX: Interview with Dr. Michael Alvard on “Peoples and Cultures.”

KAUS, Austin, MN: Interview with John Wright.

KBAZ 96.3 FM, Great Falls, MT: Interview with Pete Denault.

KBOO 90.7 FM, Portland, OR: Interview with Eve Szolakai (translated into Spanish and sent to Spanish-speaking radio stations nationwide).

KBRW 91 FM and KBRW AM 680, Barrow, AK: Interview with Earl Finkler (5 different appearances).

KBUR, Burlington, Iowa: Interview with Steve Hexom.

KCAW 104.7 FM/90.1 FM (NPR), Sitka, AK and the Alaska Public Radio Network: Interview with Rob Woolsey on Raven Radio.

KCBX FM 90, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties, CA: “Issues and Ideas” Interview with Guy Rathburn.

KCLU 88.3, Thousand Oaks, CA: Interview with Jim Rondo on “Crosstalk.”

KCNR, Redding, CA: Interview with Carl and Linda Bott on “Free Fire Radio Show”.

KCXL, Liberty, MO: Interview with Jason Littlejohn.

KCXL, Liberty, MO: Interview with Jonne Santoli on “The Jonne Family Show”.

KDNK, Carbondale, CO: Interview with Will Evans.

KERA 90.1 FM Radio, Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX, 88.3 FM in Wichita Falls, TX, and 100.1 FM in Tyler Texas. Interview in the second half hour of the “Glen Mitchell Show.” The first half of the hour features Christopher John Farley, Editor, TIME Magazine.

KFAB 1110 AM, Omaha, NE: Interview with Tom Becka.

KFCF, Fresno, CA: Interview with Rick Flores on “Wasteland of the Free.”

KFJB, Marshalltown, IA: Interview with Kyle Martin on “The Morning Show.”

KFNX, Phoenix, AZ: Interview with Charles Goyette.

KFTK, St. Louis, MO: Interview with Jamie Allman.

KFTM, Ft. Morgan, CO: Interview with Michael Schaus on “The Conservative Project.”

KGEZ, Kalispell, MT: Interview with John Stokes.

KGLP 91.7 FM Gallup Public Radio, Gallup NM: “Books on Air” Frank Bosler reading from Light and Liberty.

KHEN, Salida, CO: Interview with Jane Carp on “Scrambled Eggs.”

KINA, Salina, KS: Interview with Jerry Hinrickus and Randy Pickering on “Coffee Talk”.

KIPO, Honolulu, HI: Interview with Chris Vandercook and Beth Ann Kozlovich on “The Conversation.”

KJMT Mountain Home Radio, Mountain Home, AR: Interviw with Dale Hoffman on “Down on the Corner”.

KMA, Shendandoah, IA: Intervidw with Dean Adkins and Don Hansen.

KMBH 88.9 FM, Rio Grande Valley, TX and northern Mexico: Interview with Dr. David Pearson for “Society Under Fire.”

KMMS, Bozeman, MT: Interview with Jewels on “The Morning Show With Jewels”.

KMNY, Dallas, TX: Interview with Jack Bishop on “The Rational Radio Hour.”

KMOX, St. Louis, MO: Interview with Mark Reardon.

KMSU, Mankata, MN: Interview with James Gullickson.

KMUD, Redway, CA: Interview with Joe McGraw.

KNRY, Monterey, CA: Interview with Jim Vossen on the “Monterey Bay Morning Show.”

KOSU 91.7 FM Oklahoma Public Radio, Oklahoma City, OK: Interview with Ted Riley.

KOTO 91.7 FM, Telluride, CO: “What if it Really Works?” Interview with Chuck and Karen Robison.

KPBX Spokane Public Radio, Spokane, WA: “The Bookshelf” Vern Wyndham reading from Light and Liberty.

KPHX 1480 AM, Phoenix, AZ: Interview with Ernest Hancock on “Declare Your Independence.”

KPHX and Nova M Radio, Phoenix, AZ: Interview with Jeff Farias on the “Jeff Farias Show.”

KPHX 1480 AM, Phoenix, AZ: Interview with the Rev. Dr. Walt Wieder on “A Different View.”

KPOJ 620 AM, Portland, OR: Interview with Thom Hartmann.

KQRP, Modesto, CA: Interview with Carmen Sabatino on “The Morning Mayor.”

KREI, Farmington, MO: Interview with Chad Speakar.

KFRC, Fort Collins, CO: Interview with George Flynn on “Words of Freedom”.

KLO, Salt Lake City, UT: Interview with Walter Platz.

KPBS, San Diego, CA: Interview with Maureen Cavanaugh-Fitzgerald.

KRMS 1150 AM, Osage Beach, MO: Interview with Michael McSorley on “The Morning Magazine”.

KRXA 540 AM, Monterey, CA: Interview with Hal Ginsburg on the “KRXA Morning Show with Hal.”

KRZA 88.7 FM, Alamosa, CO: “Lit Fix” Interview with Kristine Taylor.

KSCJ, Sioux City, IA: Interview with Randy Renshaw on “Open Line.”

KSFR 90.7 FM, Santa Fe, NM: Interview with Diego Mulligan on “The Journey Home.”

KSSZ, Columbia, MO: Interview with Mike Ferguson.

KSVC, Richfield, UT: Interview with Kathy Farnsworth on the “Morning Magazine”.

KSVP, Artesia, NM: Interview with Mike Winters.

KSVY 91.3 Sonoma, CA: Interview with Katy Byrne on “Conversations with Katy.”

K-TALK, South Jordan, UT: Interview with Dale Williams

KTKK, South Jordan, UT: Interview with Mills Crenshaw.

KTKZ, Sacramento, CA: Interview with Phil Cowan.

KTUI, Sullivan, MO: Interview with John Rice.

KUAF 91.3 FM, Fayetteville, AR: Interview with Kyle Kellams for “Ozarks at Large.”

KUNM 89.9 FM, Albuquerque/Santa Fe, NM: In-studio interview with Rene Blake.

KUNV 91.5 FM, Las Vegas, NV: Interview with Professor Hal Rothman.

KVI 570, Seattle, WA: Interview on Smart Talk Mornings, produced by Jennifer Austin.

KVOI, Tuscon, AZ: Interview with John C. Scott. (2)

KVOT, Taos, NM: Interview with Jim Ball.

KVOW, Riverton, WY: Interview with Leslie Stratmoen on “Chit Chat”.

KWBW, Hutchinson, KS: Interview with John Brennan.

KWMU St. Louis Public Radio, St. Louis, MO: Interview with Steve Potter on “Cityscape”.

KWOR: Worland, WY: Interview with Mike Buckman on “Coffee Talk”.

KXYY, Brownwood, TX: Interview with Mark Cope.

KYRS, Spokane, WA: Interview with Sandra Williams on “Revolutionary Spirituality.”

KZFR FM 90.1, Chico, California: Interview with Fred Earl on “Freedom’s Questions.”

KZGM, Pacifica Radio Network, Cabool, MO: Interview with Myron.

KZSU 90.1 FM, Stanford University, Stanford, CA: Interview with J.C.

KZUM, Lincoln, NE: Interview with Dennis Kornbluh on “Blog Talk Live.”

The Lynn Woolley Show, TX: Interview with Mr. Lynn Woolley. (Syndicated across Texas).

Liberty News Radio, Delta, UT (national): Interview with Sam Bushman on “Liberty Roundtable” (2).

Liberty Underground, 1787 Radio Network (national): Interview with Alex Snitker.

Liberty Watch Radio: Interview with Charles Heller.

“The Meria Heller Show” (international podcast): Interview with Meria Heller.

Montana Public Radio: “Listener’s Bookstall” Selections from Light and Liberty read by Germaine Conrad.

New Hampshire Public Radio, Concord, NH: “The Exchange” Interview with Laura Knoy.

Passionate Voices Internet Radio: Interview with Lillian Cauldwell.

PSN Radio Network and Borderline Radio, El Paso, TX: Interview with Ken Hudnall on “The Ken Hudnall Show.”

QNN Quality News Network (national): Interview with Tony Seton on “America Back on Track.”

Radio America, Washington, D.C: Interview with Jane Chastain on “The Judicial Watch Report.”

Radio Amerika Now: Interview with Barb Adams (two appearances).

“Radio Liberty,” Soquel, CA: Interview with Dr. Stanley Monteith (nationally syndicated show airing on multiple networks, stations and frequencies).

RBN Network (national): Interview with Dr. Nick Begich on “Changing The Way We See The World.”

RBN Network (national): Interview with Peter MacCandless, a mathematics professor, for the Peter MacCandless Show.

RBN Network (national): Interview with John Stadtmiller on “National Intel Report.”

Red River Radio Network, Shreveport, LA: “Prysm” Interview with Adam Giblin.

Russ Belville Show (national): Interview with Russ Belville.

ShocknetRadio.com: Interview with R.J. Evans on “American Heathen.”

Truth Hertz Radio: Interview with Charlie Giuliani.

Truth Radio Network (national): Interview with Rick Stanley on “Standing Up For America.”

Unity FM, Unity Village, MO: Interview with Rev. Deborah Olive on “A World That Works”.

WAMC Northeast Public Radio, Albany, New York: “Roundtable” Interview with Susan Arbetter.

WAXE 1370 AM, Vero Beach, FL: Interview with Rhett Palmer.

WBAI 99.5 FM-Pacifica Radio. New York, NY: Interview with Janet Coleman on “Cat Radio Café.”

WBCB Radio, Levittown, PA.

WBNR/WLNA, Hudson Valley, NY: Intervidw with Bruce Owens on “Good Morning Hudson Valley”.

WBNW, Boston, MA: Interview with Frankie Boyer on “The Frankie Boyer Show”.

WBT, Charlotte, NC: Interview with Keith Larson on “The Keith Larson Show.”

WBTN, 1370 AM, Bennington, VT: Interview with Rich.

WCAI, 90.1 FM/WNAN 91.1 FM Cape Cod, MA: Interview with Mindy Todd on “The Point.”

WCBM, 680, Baltimore, MD: Interview with Dr. Bob Hieronimus on “21st Century Radio.”

WCCO, Minneapolis, MN: Interview with Al Malmberg on “The Al Malmberg Show.”

WCPT, Chicago, IL: Interview with Marshall Stern on “Awakened America.”

WCSB, Cleveland, OH: Interview with Ray Carr on the “Ray Carr Show” (2 appearances).

WCSU, FM 88.9, Wilberforce, OH: Interview with Jim Boz.

WCTR, Chestertown, MD: INterview with Keith Thompson on “Today at the Shore”.

WDEV/WCAT, Burlington, VT: Interview with Paul Beaudry on “True North Radio”.

WDIY, Bethlehem, PA: “Meanderings” Truman Ingalsbe reading from Light and Liberty.

WDUN, 550 AM, Atlanta, GA: Interview with Martha Zoller on “The Martha Zoller Show.”

WEBE, Bridgeport, CT: Interview with Robbie Bridges.

WFFM Supertalk Mississippi: Interview with Col. Donald Taylor on “Prime Time”.

WFMR/WOMR, Provincetown, MA: Interview with Helen Ryde on “The English Breakfast”.

WFYL, Jeffersonville, PA: Interview with Karin and Bruce Stocking on “H2O”.

WGCU, Ft. Myers, FL One hour interview with Mike Kiniry.

WGDI, Albany, NY: Interview with Melody Burns.

WGDR 91.1 FM, Plainfield, VT: Interview with Jim Hogue on “House at Pooh Corner.”

WGMD, Rehoboth, DE: Interview with Jim Rush.

WGOW, Chattanooga, TN: Interview with Jeff Styles on “The Fred Show”.

WGSO, New Orleans, LA: Interview with Jeff Crouere.

WGTD 91.1 FM, Kenosha, WI: Interview with Greg Berg.

WGNU AM 920, St. Louis, MO: Interview with Frank Ladd on “Today’s Solutions.”

WGOW, Chattanooga, TN: Interview with Fred Styles on “The Fred Styles Show”.

WGUF, Naples, FL: Interview with Jared Grifoni on “Resistance Radio”.

WGVU, 88.5 FM, 1480 AM, Grand Rapids and western Michigan: Feature interview with Fred Martino.

WHKT, Chesapeake, VA: Interview with John Fredericks.

WHMP, Northampton, MA: Interview with Bill Newman on “The Bill Newman Show.”

WHPK, Chicago, IL: Interview with Mario on “News From the Service Entrance.”

WHQR 91.3 FM, Wilmington, NC (southeastern North Carolina and northeastern South Carolina): Interview with Scott Simpson.

WHUS, Storrs, CT: One World Radio.

WILM, Wilmington, DE.

Wisconsin Public Radio: Interview with Kathleen Dunn on “Conversations with Kathleen.”

WJFF 90.5 FM, Jeffersonville, NY: Interview with Rachel Brey on “Making Waves.”

WJJG AM, Berkeley, IL: Interview with Joe Gentile.

WJOB, Hammond, IN: Interview with Ron Harlow.

WJR, Detroit, MI: Interview with John McCulloch for Frank Beckmann on “The Frank Beckmann Show.”

WJTN, Chataqua, NY: Interview with Jim Rosselle and Dennis Webster (3).

WKBK, Keene, NH: Interview with Dan Mitchell on “Open Mic.”

WKCT, Bowling Green, KY: Interview with Chad Young on “Drivetime”.

WKRC, Cincinnati, OH: Interview with Brian Thomas on the “Brian Thomas Show”.

WKVL, Knoxville, TN: Interview with Mike Howard and David “Shyne” Thompson.

WLIP, Kenosha, WI: Interview with Lenny Palmer on the “Lenny Palmer Show.”

WLIU 88.3 FM/WCWP 88.1 FM Southhampton and Brookville, NY: Interview with Bonnie Grice.

WMAY, Springfield, IL.

WMLB AM 1160, Atlanta, GA: “Accent on the Arts” Interview with Emory Professor Marc Miller.

WMLU 91.3 FM, Farmville, VA: Interview with Gerald Martin.

WMNF, 88.5 FM, Tampa, FL: Interview with Rob Lorei.

WNIS Newsradio 790 AM, Norfolk, VA: Interviewed with Tony Macrini on “Macrini’s Morning News.”

WNJC, Sewell, NJ: Interview with Pat Benjamin on “The Independent Voice.”

WMPL, Hancock, MI: Interview with Mitch.

WNTI 91.9 FM, Hackettstown, NJ: Live interview with Ron Saxon.

WNYC Radio, AM 820 and FM 93.9, Brooklyn, NY: Interview with Brian Lehrer on the “Brian Lehrer Show.”

WNYE-FM/91.5, New York, NY: “Everything Goes?”, a program presented by the Teachers & Writers Collaborative on the NYC Department of Education’s radio station.

WOMI, Owenboro, KY: Interview with Brett Wharf.

World Talk Radio (national): Interview with Annie Armen for “Annie Armen Live.”

WOSU-AM, (Ohio Public Radio) Columbus, OH: Interview with Fred Anderle on “Open Line”

WPKN/WPKM, Bridgeport, CT: Interview with Scott Harris on “Counterpoint.”

WPNW, Grand Rapids, MI: Interview with Gene Parker and Nancy DeBoer.

WPPR, Georgia Public Radio, Demorest (Atlanta), Georgia: Interview with Dr. John Pinheiro on “Past is Prologue.”

WQUB, 90.3 FM, Quincy, IL: Interview with James Lenz.

WRFN, Nashville, TN: Interview with Cliff Fiedler on “Church and State Radio Show.”

WRKF, 89.3 FM Baton Rouge, LA: “The Jim Engster Show” Interview with Jim Engster.

WRPI, Troy, NY: Interview with Gary Goldberg on “In the Spirit.”

WRPW, Bloomington, IL

WRTI 90.1 FM, Philadelphia, PA: “Creatively Speaking” Interview with Jim Cotter.

WRVA, Richmond, VA

WSCI,89.3 FM Charleston, SC, WHMC 901. FM, Conway, SC, WEPR 90.1 FM Greenville, SC and WLTR 91.3 FM, Columbia, SC: Interview with Joan Mack on “Conversations with Joan.”

WSIE 88.7 FM, Edwardsville, IL: “Metro Talk” Interview with Tom Rowain.

WSKY, Gainesville, FL: Interview ith Bob Rose on “The Bob Rose Show”.

WSIU 91.9 FM, Carbondale, IL: Interview with Jeff Williams.

WSUI AM 910, Iowa Public Radio, Iowa City, IA: Interview with Greg Shanley on “The Exchange.”

WTAN, Tampa Bay, FL: Interview with Paul Molloy on “Freedom Works”.

WTBF, Troy, AL: Interview with Doc Kirby.

WTKF, Newport, NC: Interview with Ben Ball on “Coastal Daybreak.”

WTMA, North Charleston, SC: Interview with Rocky D on “Radio Free Rocky D”.

WUSM 88.5 FM, Hattiesburg, MS: Interview with Michael Davis.

WVHU, Huntington, WV: Interview with Tom Roten.

WVIA 89.9 FM, Pittsburgh, PA: Interview with Erika Funke.

WVNJ 1160 AM, Teaneck, NJ: Interview with Sam Greenfield on “The Sam Greenfield Show.”

WVTF 89.1 FM, Roankoke, VA: Interview with Gene Marrano for “Studio Virginia.”

WWPR, Bradenton, FL: Interview with Henry Raines on “American AM.”

WZNZ/WFOY in Jacksonville, FL: Interview with Andy Johnson on “Down to Business”.

WZOE, Princeton, IL: Interview with Tommy Rose on “Open Line”.

Yellowstone Public Radio, Billings, Montana: Interview with Leni Holliman.