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Thomas Jefferson Biography

Grolier's Encyclopedia Americana article on Thomas Jefferson
This lengthy encyclopedia biography covers Jefferson's entire life and public career. Includes bibliographical references.

Homepage for Monticello: The Home of Thomas Jefferson
Much more than just Monticello , this page is an excellent resource about Jefferson 's day-to-day life.

Jefferson's Autobiography
Contains the complete text, divided into sections for easier access. The Autobiography includes Jefferson's original draft of the Declaration of Independence with the changes which Congress made noted thereon.

Life of Jefferson
By B. L. Rayner and published in 1834. This full-length online biography, emphasizes the role of republican principles in Jefferson's life and thought. Contains excerpts from his writings as well as anecdotes taken from the writings of those who knew him.

White House Biography

Writings and Quotes

A letter written by Thomas Jefferson to Meriwether Lewis outlining his orders and the objectives for the voyage of discovery.

A Summary View of the Rights of British America
This is the document Jefferson wrote in 1774 as an appeal to George III to redress the wrongs being done to the colonies.

Favorite Jefferson Quotes
A collection of about 350 of the most popular quotations selected from the much larger collection at Thomas Jefferson on Politics & Government . The quotes in this collection are especially useful for writing and speaking, and visitors are encouraged to download them for their own use. The quotes are contained in six easily downloaded files.

Jefferson on Freedom of Religion
A complete copy of Jefferson's Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom in the State of Virginia, with a comparison to the Act as passed by the Virginia Legislature.

Letter from Danbury Baptist Association and Jefferson's Reply
This includes the oft-quoted letter of Jefferson in which he used the phrase, “wall of separation between church and state”.

The Internet Public Library: Jefferson
Lists a large selection of the writings by and about Jefferson available on the internet.

The Works of Thomas Jefferson

The Jefferson Bible
Thomas Jefferson believed that the ethical system of Jesus was the finest the world has ever seen. In compiling what has come to be called "The Jefferson Bible," he sought to separate these ethical teachings from the religious dogma and other supernatural elements that are intermixed in the account provided in the four Gospels.

The Writings of Thomas Jefferson
This is the Memorial Edition of Jefferson's writings in 19 volumes, edited by Albert Ellery Bergh. It is made available by The Constitution Society.

Thomas Jefferson Papers
From the Manuscript Division at the Library of Congress consists of approximately 27,000 documents. This is the largest collection of original Jefferson documents in the world.

Thomas Jefferson On Politics & Government
Quotations from the Writings of Thomas Jefferson

University of Virginia, Jefferson Online Resources
This contains hundreds of letters to and from Jefferson, some manuscript images, bibliographies, and other resources related to Jefferson's writings.

Jefferson Information

Account of a Declaration
Thomas Jefferson's account of the circumstances leading to the Declaration of Independence. Also features over thirty historical documents, sixty-seven biographical sketches, and some twenty-five essays about the causes and circumstances of the American Revolution.

Jefferson on Freedom of Religion
A complete copy of Jefferson's Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom with a comparison to the Act as passed by the Virginia legislature.

Jefferson FAQ
Answers to hundreds of questions related to Thomas Jefferson and his writings.

Jefferson Watch
This web site is dedicated to correcting misinformation about Thomas Jefferson.

Yale's Jefferson Papers Page
Contains the Autobiography, Notes on the State of Virginia , Annual Messages, Inaugural Addresses, Indian Addresses, and a selection from the Miscellaneous Papers and Letters.

Articles About Thomas Jefferson

The Misunderstood Mr. Jefferson An article by David N. Mayer

Early American and Jeffersonian Views

Conversations on Morality and the Jefferson Bible
Discussions of ethics and morals throughout history, with special emphasis on the ethical teachings found in the Jefferson Bible.

Institute for American Liberty
This site contains several essays and important documents related to the fundamentals of liberty, including selected quotes from Algernon Sidney's "Discourses Concerning Government" and Washington's Farewell Address. Emphasizes the religious assumptions that support liberty.

Primary Source Documents Pertaining to Early American History
An invaluable collection of historical works which contributed to the formation of American politics, culture, and ideals. This is a massive collection of the literature and documents which were most relevant to the colonists' lives in America .

The Declaration of Independence: Drafting the Documents
This fascinating presentation by the Library of Congress exhibits a large number of documents related to Jefferson's writing of the Declaration, including a transcript of his original rough draft.

The Early America Review
Actually a major division of Archiving Early America, this is a journal of fact and opinion focusing on the people, issues and events of Colonial America, the Revolutionary War and the beginning years of the new Republic.


Interpreting Thomas Jefferson
Clay Jenkinson presents in-costume, first-person portrayals of Jefferson , and was a contributor to the Ken Burns special that appeared on PBS. This interesting site contains a large number of materials related to his presentation, as well as links to other resources on Jefferson .

Thomas Jefferson - A Film by Ken Burns


Conversations on Thomas Jefferson and Jeffersonian Politics
An Open Forum for discussions on any topic related to Thomas Jefferson or his political principles.

Campfire Chat
Thomas Jefferson message board.

“Seamlessly weaving Jefferson ’s wisdom and lively moral imagination into discrete and timeless meditations, this far from common ‘commonplace book’ brings Jefferson’s thought alive again for a new generation of Americans.”
- Forrest Church
Author of The American Creed
Editor of The Jefferson Bible